Endurance News during 2010

Tri-Nations Ride - Leanne came 6th at the Tri-Nations ride at Schweizer Reneke riding for the Eastern Cape team against Namibia & Botswana. She rode the 120km distance in 5:53:25 and was the 2nd SA rider to finish after a group of Namibian riders.

Fauresmith Ride - Leanne completed the 200km Ride on Banghor Nahbi riding for the Eastern Cape team.

Schanskraal FEI Ride - Leanne came 2nd in the 80km FEI* Ride on Banghor Gezzera in a SA qualifying time.

Endurance News during 2011

SAIC Challenge - Leanne Wels & Peter Meikle competed at the SAIC (7th April 2011) representing both The Welbech Arabian Stud & The Eastern Cape Team (who won the event). 2 other riders from Welbech were chosen for the EP No Weight Team. Welbech Silver Charlotte, competing in her 1st ever 120km event came 4th young rider.

Blakeridge Ride (13th August 2011) Leanne Wels won her senior category 80km ride on Izra Spiderman in a very fast time of 3hrs 53mins. This was Izra Spiderman's first serious competitive ride, Peter Meikle rode Phariz coming 8th in a very good time of 4hrs 22mins. Note: The winning time of this ride last year was 5hrs 30mins !!

Schanskraal FEI Ride - Welbech Stud excels at Ride - Izra Spiderman ridden by Leanne Wels won the 120km** Light Weight - Time: 6hrs 17min - also winning the Eastern Cape Light Weight Championship for 2011. Welbech Shaheer (1st 120km event) ridden by Peter Meikle came 4th Standard Weight in the 120km** - Time: 7hrs 26min. They also won the Eastern Cape Standard Weight Championship for 2011. Welbech Shareefa ridden by Jenna Masterson came 2nd Young Rider in the 120km** - Time: 6hrs 49min. This was Welbech Shareefa's 2nd 120km event.

Endurance News during 2012.

Fauresmith Endurance Ride - Leanne Wels riding Welbech Karoo Monarch came 3rd Standard Weight and achieved a Top 10 overall position in the 200km Ride - Time: 8hrs 17min. Carla Badenhorst riding Sambist completed the 200km Ride in a time of 11hrs 29min.

Blakeridge Ride (18th August 2012) -Leanne Wels riding Sambist came 3rd - Time: 4hrs 17min. Jenna Masterson riding Welbech Silver Charlotte came 2nd in the Young Rider Category - Time: 4hrs 54min. 

Colesberg Ride (23rd March 2012) - Leanne Wels riding Karana Monogram completed his fastest 80km Ride - Time: 5hrs 05min.

Aldam FEI Ride (18th February 2012) - Leanne Wels riding Welbech Shareefa came 2nd in the 120km** FEI Ride - Time: 6hrs 47min.




Welbech successes during 2013:

Koffiefontein Ride (2nd February 2013)

Leanne Wels riding Welbech Shareefa completed the 80kms in a time of 5hrs 29min. Jenna Masterson riding Welbech Cameo completed his fastest 80kms - Time: 5hrs 29min.

Louise Botha Ride (2nd March 2013)

Leanne Wels riding Welbech Silver Charlotte completed her 120km**FEI Ride. Jenna Masterson riding Welbech Shaheer completed his fastest 80km*FEI Ride - Time: 5hrs 25min.

Colesberg Ride (29/30 March 2013)

Welbech Cameo ridden by Carla Badenhurst came 2nd Light Weight in the 80km FEI*Ride on a very muddy course - Time: 4hrs 26min. Welbech Cameo also received the award for Best Conditioned Horse. Welbech Shareefa ridden by Kirsty Masterson won the Junior Division in the 80km Ride. Welbech Kazim (still in novice stage) ridden by Jenna Masterson finished his first 80km Ride. 

SAIC 2013 (3rd May 2013)

Leanne Wels rode Welbech Shareefa in the 120km FEI**Ride in a time of 6hrs 46min.

Hogsback Ride (24th August 2013)

Leanne Wels completed a 80km Ride on Welbech Kazim. This was Kazim's last Novice Ride.

Christiana Ride (28th September 2013)

Leanne Wels rode Welbech Kazim in his first 80km FEI* Ride. He finished in a very good time of 4hrs 59min and was placed 5th.

Welbech successes during 2014:

2014 for us was a year largely made up of Novice Rides as we were training a large group of Novice horses. We attended 10 endurance events during 2014. Some of these horses have since been sold and the others are now out of Novice and will be starting competitive rides in 2015.

During 2014 we achieved a 99% pass rate and had 28 Ride completions with only one elimination the whole year.


Our landscaping programme continues

Since the start of our plan in 2010 we have installed new landscaped fenced and gated paddocks with some 5km of post and rail fencing, a 60m showing arena together with a covered Welbech viewing Grandstand and a spacious tack room. The landscaping programme is ongoing.


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