As part of the rigorous training programme at the Welbech Stud, Leanne Wels and her endurance team ride all our young endurance horses in competition to build them up slowly to become endurance champions. The Welbech Endurance Team participate in numerous events during the year both nationally and internationally.



Welbech successes during 2014:

2014 for us was a year largely made up of Novice Rides as we were training a large group of Novice horses. We attended 10 endurance events during 2014. Some of these horses have since been sold and the others are now out of Novice and will be starting competitive rides in 2015.

During 2014 we achieved a 99% pass rate and had 28 Ride completions with only one elimination the whole year.




New landscaped paddocks at Welbech

We have recently completed the installation of 3.6km of post and rail fencing at The Stud to create 5 hectares of paddocks, a 60m showing arena and covered Welbech Grandstand. The landscaping work is still ongoing.


endurance riding at welbech arabian stud

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